Primary pupils learn about river structures and flood risk

On Thursday 28th November, JBA Trust visited Grassington Primary School in the Yorkshire Dales where pupils are learning about rivers, with a focus on the local River Wharfe.

Mini flume demonstrations were given to year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils to show how engineered structures (for example bridges, weirs, culverts and culvert screens) affect the flow of water in a river channel and how they can affect flood risk.

Following the demonstrations, pupils completed an activity from our new range of learning resources to help consolidate learning.

Kiera Waters who is studying Geography and Environmental Mathematics at the University of Leeds and is currently on placement with JBA Trust commented:

“Not only were the pupils fully engaged with the flume model, but we also had a few inquisitive staff members having a peak at the demonstration. Pupils were keen to answer questions on the impact that different engineering structures had on the flow of water in the flume, some were even able to identify the structures in their local area. It was so pleasing to see the excitement that the pupils got from the model, which in turn made them more curious about the processes behind it.”