Digital learning resources

Working with schools and other environmental education charities, we have developed a range of freely available resources that can be used to support learning activities for all ages in the classroom and the community.  

Many of our resources are designed to be used in conjunction with a demonstration of one of our interactive models. The demonstrations for the mini hydraulic flume, coastal wave tank and augmented reality sandbox are also available as short films on our YouTube channel.

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Topics: Rivers, structures in rivers, flood risk, engineering, river hydraulics

Resources: Activities relating to our mini hydraulic flume are available to download here.


Topics:  Coastal structures, waves, coastal erosion, engineering, cost benefit analysis, climate change

Resources: Activities relating to our coastal wave tank are available to download here.


How water flows in a catchment

Topics: Topography, catchments, landscape features, natural flood management

Resources: Activities relating to our augmented reality sandbox are available to download here.

Flood risk mapping and modelling

Topics: Flood risk modelling, mapping, 3D printing, map reading and interpretation

Resources: Activities relating to our Projection Augmented Relief Model (PARM) are available here.

Weather and climate

Topics: Weather stations, meteorological measurement, data handling and analysis, weather reporting and hazards

Resources: Activities relating to our weather station are available to download here.


Topics: Explore careers in the water and environment sector

Resources:  A series of short videos on ‘Careers for our Future Environment

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Get involved!

We are always looking for opportunities to share these training resources. If you think the models could be useful for your work with students, professional groups or communities then please contact us to discuss how we could share our models or come to you to deliver a demonstration. Alternatively, if you would like to use these physical models to support training that you deliver, they are available to hire.