We work in collaboration with universities, non-profit organisations and industry, including the JBA Group of companies.  Our research falls broadly into four themes.

Rivers and Coasts

Much of our work concentrates on managing risks to people and the environment in river catchments and on coasts, including better understanding of flood risk, erosion and ways of enhancing ecological sustainability

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Weather and Climate

We are involved in research that studies the science behind extreme weather, its impacts on people and the natural environment, and the risks or opportunities posed by climate change.

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We support research that has a focus on the interaction between natural and engineered environments, especially risks to infrastructure from extreme weather conditions.

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Risk Analysis

We are supporting research that applies concepts of risk as a way to make decisions about the environment in the face of uncertainties such as future climate change, development needs or knowledge limitations.

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PhD Research Programme

Through collaboration with universities across the UK, we are able to support research students in developing advanced skills and delivering high quality research and evidence that has both academic and practical impact.

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