Learning about engineered river structures and flooding

We delivered mini flume and flooding workshops for Year 3 and 4 pupils from Burnsall and Grassington primary schools on Wednesday 8th December.

Pupils at both schools have been learning about rivers throughout the autumn term, including topics such as river features and flooding. The mini flume sessions provided a visual and engaging opportunity for pupils to learn how different types of engineered structures can affect the flow of water in rivers and to help understand some of the causes of flooding. We also explored water safety, including water depth, speed, currents and particular risks associated with weirs and culverts.

Pupils were quickly able to identify local examples of bridges, weirs, culverts and pipes which really helped their knowledge grow. Bridget Brady from JBA Trust commented:

“It was very evident that the pupils have learnt so much about rivers during the last term. They were so engaged with lots of questions and observations, their knowledge of river terminology was also fantastic.”