Learning about coastal flood risk management and careers

JBA Trust delivered a full day of careers and coastal risk management sessions to over 200 Year 9 Geography students at St Ambrose Barlow RC High School in Salford on Thursday 1st December.

Thomasin Sayers and Laura Thompson, volunteers from JBA Consulting, talked to students about their careers in flood risk management. They highlighted the subjects they studied at school, further education choices, career paths and their current roles.

To compliment the geography curriculum, Bridget Brady from JBA Trust demonstrated the wave tank to show how effective different types and combinations of coastal defences are at preventing overtopping and flood risk.

The interactive nature of the wave tank meant that students could turn the handle to make waves, whilst also making predictions as to which type of coastal defence would be the most effective.

If the JBA Trust models would be useful for your work with students, professional groups or communities, please contact us for more details.