JBA Trust Annual Report 2016-17

Our annual report reflects an excellent year for the JBA Trust and outlines our charitable activities in 2016-17.

Working with a wide range of organisations we have helped other charities to build their own capabilities while supporting a growing programme of research.

JBA Trust infographic 2016-17 landscape v3

We have added to our suite of physical demonstration models, and seen ever more demand from educators and other charities for support at events.  Demonstrations of our models have been provided at training events, catchment management stakeholder workshops and academic conferences.   Our augmented reality (AR) sandbox has been a highly effective tool in explaining the concepts and complexities involved in working with natural processes, combined with flood defences, to manage risk in rivers.

Our research programme continues to create opportunities for collaborations with academic partners, especially for graduate researchers, whose PhD projects we support.  Our contributions to scientific and engineering research have, again, been recognised in papers published in peer reviewed journals.

All the outputs of our research are freely available on our website and include posters, reports, data, code, tutorials and teaching resources.

Rob Lamb, Director of the JBA Trust said:

“We would like to thank all the organisations and individuals who have worked with us, not least the students and early career researchers who we have been able to support.

We are grateful for the continued commitment to funding the JBA Trust from the JBA Group companies and their Directors”.

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