Supporting engagement activities at the Science Museum

We were delighted to support the Environment Agency ‘Science on a Sphere’ exhibition at the Science Museum in London from 15th to 26th August 2022.

The event provided visitors with opportunities to:

– learn about climate change adaptation
– attend talks on topics including extreme weather, drought and flooding
– explore the ‘live science space’

The JBA Trust Augmented Reality (AR) sandbox provided a hands-on and interactive activity in the ‘live science space’. By shaping real sand and making virtual rain, visitors explored how topography affects the movement of water through a catchment and how changes in land use can affect flooding.

Antoine Lebrun, National Flood Hydrology Advisor at the Environment Agency commented:

“We used the AR sandbox as an engagement tool, it was like a magnet! Visitors were intrigued by the sandbox and it enabled them to interact and learn about science and the environment at the same time.”

If the JBA Trust models would be useful for your work with students, professional groups or communities, please contact us for more details.