Inspiring young minds at the Cardiff TeenTech Festival

Along with 700 students between ages 10-14 and their teachers, we attended TeenTech Festival at the All Nations Centre in Cardiff in December 2023.

TeenTech Festival enables students and teachers to come together for an exciting interactive programme helping young people understand the range of opportunities across digital, science, technology and engineering.

Our volunteers delivered multiple hands-on interactive sessions with our wave tank.

Students (and teachers!) enjoyed making waves whilst learning about how different coastal defences can protect shorelines.  In these sessions, the groups also learnt about different careers available in the environmental engineering sector such as water and flood risk modellers, project managers, designers and contractors.

Cain Moylan, a volunteer from JBA Consulting who delivered the wave tank sessions, said:

“I had a really fun day at TeenTech, the organisers and the students seemed to love the wave tank, especially being able to create the waves and add different defences to the tank.”

Thank you to TeenTech and our volunteers for a great day.