GIS in schools

Mike Williamson of JBA Consulting has been sharing his GIS expertise with students and teachers at Tarporley High School in Cheshire by organising several GIS workshops to give students an insight into how GIS can be applied to environmental challenges in the real world.

The workshops have been supported by JBA Trust and Esri’s CSR+, a concept which creates a framework for members of the GIS community to help schools get started with GIS using the Web GIS.  The Web GIS concept is a completely new way of delivering GIS to schools and allows students, teachers and industry to remotely access ArcGIS.  This enables students to access GIS at relatively little cost and also enables industry partners to add data and work with the schools to apply GIS to real world examples.

Mike joined CSR+ after hearing about the initiative. “Following a presentation at the Esri UK User Conference in May 2013, I decided I’d like to help ensure schoolchildren have some exposure to GIS early on in their geography studies or at least before they go on to higher education. To achieve this, I established a relationship with Tarporley High School in Cheshire and organised several GIS workshops using Esri’s ArcGIS Online Subscription”.

JBA Trust funded the subscription to ArcGIS Online and is hoping to support further GIS education activities in schools and encourage more students to pursue a career in this field.

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