Exploring river catchments and flood risk management ideas

Students at the Climate Challenge College in Todmorden, Lancashire, explored flood risk management techniques using the JBA Trust augmented reality (AR) sandbox on Wednesday 8th March.

The Green Futures course, run by the Climate Challenge College, provides students with an insight into sustainable building, food and land management and understanding the climate challenge. It aims to inspire students to consider jobs in the green economy.

As part of the food and land module, students learn about flooding and flood risk management. The sandbox provided an interactive opportunity for students to work in small groups to recreate sections of the River Calder catchment. By adding natural flood management, hard engineering and sustainable urban drainage systems options into their landscapes, they were able to test predictions about water flow and the effectiveness of various flood risk management methods.


Chelsie Naylor, Programme Leader at the Climate Challenge College, commented:

“The students really enjoyed using the augmented reality sandbox to see the impacts of different flood alleviation measures on the landscapes. The workshop was engaging and it was an effective and fun way to bring all the learning about flood risk together.”

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