New maps show areas of potential for working with natural processes

Since 2015 we have been collecting information about projects where people have been working with natural processes (WwNP) with the aim of reducing flood risk, among other environmental or land management benefits.  We have been mapping those projects and created an online catalogue in an attempt to build up a picture of what is being done across Britain.

Now we have added new data to the maps that shows areas where different types of potential river and catchment management approaches could help to reduce flood risk by working with nature.

These areas are based on national data sets and models, so they should not be relied on for detailed planning, but they give an indication of the types of land management measures that could be considered.

The new data comes from research carried out by our partners JBA Consulting and Lancaster Environment Centre for the Environment Agency.

Further details are available here about how the interactive maps were developed, their assumptions and limitations, and the underlying data and models.