UK Flood Hydrology Roadmap

Webinar on the roadmap and delivery plan

The flood hydrology roadmap is a long-term vision and plan to advance UK flood hydrology. It has been developed with input from many people working in hydrology, flood management and related topics, with 510 contributions up to April 2021.

The Environment Agency has been leading and coordinating the roadmap’s development on behalf of the wider flood hydrology community in the UK, which includes government organisations, academia and industry. More details are available on the Environment Agency’s flood hydrology roadmap webpage.

We have supported the roadmap project since it started in 2018 by participating in its steering group and helping to shape initiatives from which a delivery plan is now being drafted.

The British Hydrological Society hosted a webinar on 24 March 2021 to provide an update on the roadmap and to outline the delivery plan for its first 7 years.

You can view the webinar here.

Although the roadmap is yet to be published, during the webinar Dr Sean Longfield, Lead Scientist at the Environment Agency, reported how it has already had a positive impact, saying that “as a direct result of the Road Map the Environment Agency has secured funding for a flood hydrology improvements programme [worth] £6.9 million over six years”.

We look forward to an era of advances in flood hydrology to deliver on the shared vision of the roadmap.