Supporting the Key Stage 2 Geography Curriculum

We were very pleased to support the Key Stage 2 geography curriculum at Christchurch Primary School in Skipton on Wednesday 3rd July, where Year 5 and 6 pupils have been learning about local and international rivers, the journey of a river, river features and flooding.

Our mini flume was used to demonstrate the effect that various structures (for example weirs, bridges and culverts) can have on river environments and how they might affect the risk of flooding. To help reinforce learning, the flume demonstration was followed by an activity from the JBA Trust’s new suite of learning resources. The activity required pupils to identify local landmarks and to locate examples of river structures on a map of Skipton.  They then considered why the structures might have been built and what potential effect they have when a flood event occurs.  Pupils then compared Skipton with the River Wharfe near Grassington, considering the main differences between the two locations.

Bridget Brady from JBA Trust commented, ‘It was brilliant to support pupils at a local primary school who are learning about rivers and flooding as part of the key stage 2 curriculum. The flume provides such a unique and visual way to learn about rivers and structures, as such the pupils were really engaged with the demonstration and follow up activity.’