Review of the responses to flooding in Cumbria following Storm Desmond, December 2015

Severe flooding in December 2015 and early 2016 caused significant damage and disruption in the north of England and parts of Scotland. Record-breaking river levels over-topped flood defences, and caused damage to properties, roads, bridges and widespread power failures.

Working in partnership with the Zurich Insurance Group we have released a report detailing first hand experiences of the flooding in Cumbria, and making recommendations for building greater flood resilience based on these experiences.

The report focuses on three sets of recommendations:

  1. Firstly, on the need for continuing improvements in the communication of flood risks, including the likelihood of flooding, and what actions individuals and communities can take,
  2. The second key recommendation of the report centres on residual risk and how to avoid further losses when physical defences fail or become overwhelmed, particularly with many communities often relying on a single line of defence
  3. The need to learn about and to utilise better alternatives to sand bags, which are currently relied on too much


Click here for the report and a summary of its key findings

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