MSc success for students supported by JBA Trust

Congratulations to Robert Bertsch and Janie Haven on completing their MSc studies.

Professor Rob Lamb, Director of the JBA Trust, along with a number of colleagues from JBA Consulting, supported Robert and Janie in completing their MSc dissertations, providing technical guidance and co-supervision.

Robert completed his MSc in Hydroinformatics at Newcastle University and achieved a distinction for his dissertation ”Implementation of the Urban Environment in 2D Hydrodynamic Models: CitiCat and JFlow+”.  The projectinvestigated the ‘Toon Monsoon’ events of July 2012, testing grid resolution dependency and using crowd-source observations to attempt to ground-truth the modelling.

Janie Haven completed her dissertation “A Comparison of Actual Fluvial Embankment Flood Defence Performance to RASP Estimated Performance” for the MSc in Water and Environmental Management at the University of Bristol.  The project compared flood defence reliability models with evidence about actual failures.  Janie’s work was also supported by the Environment Agency and Horritt Consulting.