Trustees Annual Report 2022-23

Each year, we reflect on our charitable activities and share the highlights in our Trustees’ Annual Report.

JBA Trust continues to offer valuable support for the creation, sharing and application of knowledge about risks and resilience around the water cycle.

Our focus this year was on partnerships and we prioritised engagement activities that involve working in depth with others to achieve change and connect with groups relatively under-represented in sectors and disciplines most relevant to our work.

Seven peer-reviewed scientific publications were produced from research we supported, and we helped 11 doctoral researchers and 10 people undertaking other postgraduate studies.

We also dedicated significant time to help our network of academic partners secure new funding for research and training across a range of scientific and technical disciplines.

As a corporate foundation, most of our resources are donated by our sponsors, the JBA Group of companies. Since beginning this journey in 2011, we have now facilitated 36,000+ hours of work by JBA colleagues to help share their knowledge and expertise.

Rob Lamb, Director of JBA Trust, commented,

“I’d like to thank everyone who has supported our work and the many partners with whom we have worked collaboratively.  We look forward to continuing to work with others to help make society more resilient and sustainable.”