CIWEM and JBA Trust announce Outstanding Paper Award in Journal of Flood Risk Management

CIWEM and JBA Trust award Outstanding Paper accolade to Chinese flood simulation model.

The Journal of Flood Risk Management Editorial Panel has chosen the outstanding paper from a total of thirty articles published in Volume 6.

The paper by J.M. Wicks, C. Hu, M. Scott, L. Chen and X. Cheng, entitled “A broad scale model for flood simulation in the Taihu Basin, China” published in issue 1 has been awarded The Journal of Flood Risk Management Outstanding Paper Award, supported by The JBA Trust.

The sponsorship of the Outstanding Paper Award by JBA Trust has enabled the paper to be made freely available on the Journal webpage.

The paper addresses a complex practical problem of real concern: the evolution of future flood risk in an area of about 37,000km2 in China, which generates about 13% of the national GDP and where flooding is caused by multiple sources. The paper is part of a Special Issue devoted to an international bilateral scientific cooperation project in which a range of disciplines are involved.

Spatial and temporal considerations required a flood simulation approach, which enabled credible assessment of future climatic, economic and social conditions, within the constraints of available resources and data. This challenge, of assessing policy and management responses to flood risk at national and regional scale, is one that affects many countries.

Dr Paul Samuels, Editor in Chief of the Journal said:

“This paper demonstrated many good qualities, but most importantly it addresses an important issue in flood risk management. The paper can be used as an example for other authors; well structured and clearly written, the paper reflects on how this flood simulation approach can be applied more generally.”

Rob Lamb, Director of the JBA Trust said:

We’re delighted to support CIWEM and the Journal of Flood Risk Management by enabling wider access to the award-wining paper chosen by the Editorial Panel. We recognise the contribution to the Journal made by all its authors, editors and reviewers, and hope that our support helps in sharing the benefits of their work.”

Highly commended papers for this year’s award are as follows:

J. Leandro, J.P. Leitão and J.L.M.P. de Lima (2013), Quantifying the uncertainty in the Soil Conservation Service flood hydrographs: a case study in the Azores Islands, JFRM Vol 6 no 3

P. Stansby, N. Chini, D. Apsley, A. Borthwick, L. Bricheno, J. Horrillo-Caraballo, M. McCabe, D. Reeve, B.D. Rogers, A. Saulter, A. Scott, C. Wilson, J. Wolf and K. Yan (2013), An integrated model system for coastal flood prediction with a case history for Walcott, UK, on 9 November 2007, JFRM Vol 6 no 3

J.J. Warmink, M.W. Straatsma, F. Huthoff, M.J. Booij and S.J.M.H. Hulscher (2103), Uncertainty of design water levels due to combined bed form and vegetation roughness in the Dutch River Waal, JFRM Vol 6 no 4