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We aim to make the outputs of all our research freely available and easily accessible.  Resources produced by JBA Trust are available in a wide range of different formats, including posters, reports, data, code, tutorials and teaching resources.

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Improving forecast flood maps using earth observation data

In this article, we explore the importance of earth observation (EO) data for identifying flood extents and how a new method for validating flood maps enables a quantitative, location specific measure of flood map accuracy

Enhanced surface water flood forecasts: User-led development and testing

This study developed and trialled new surface water flood (SWF) forecast products in a flood incident workshop and makes recommendations for the application of future forecast information and processes.

Achieving carbon neutral communities

MSc project poster – Emma Brook investigated the feasibility of community scale renewable energy for the Malhamdale community in North Yorkshire.

Climate change impacts on flood risk

In this presentation Professor Rob Lamb explains how our recent research is demonstrating a plausible correlation between increased flood risk and anthropogenic climate change.

Human influence on climate in the 2014 Southern England winter floods and their impacts

Computer model experiments allow us to investigate the influence of climate change on flood risk.

Identifying coherent weather features in 3D

The environmental community team up with mathematicians to tackle the challenge of ‘identifying coherent weather features in three dimensions’ and publish a Challenge Solutions Report.