Estimating the parameters of ocean wave spectra

Jake Grainger is doing a PhD research project, sponsored by JBA Trust, into generalised mathematical and statistical techniques to describe ocean wave fields.

Understanding the characteristics of wind-generated waves is important for modelling structural responses in ocean engineering. Jake has published a paper in the Ocean Engineering journal, that explores statistical techniques to improve the understanding of estimated parameters of wind-generated waves and help oceanographers gain insights into their behaviour. An example analysis is carried out on a data-set recorded off the coast of New Zealand.

A MATLAB toolbox has been developed which implements the methods discussed in this paper. This is available, alongside code to generate the figures in this paper and additional supplementary figures, on GitHub.

The paper is open access, so anyone can read it for free. 


Jake P. Grainger, Adam M. Sykulski, Philip Jonathan, Kevin Ewans, Estimating the parameters of ocean wave spectra, Ocean Engineering, Volume 229, 2021, 108934, ISSN 0029-8018,

Funding information

Jake’s research was part of the STOR-i doctoral training programme on Statistics and Operational Research funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Grant EP/L015692/1), with the support of JBA Trust.