MSc students

MSc students

Our support gives students an insight into how methodologies and techniques are applied in industry

We help MSc and MRes students completing their dissertation projects by providing placements, technical expertise and case study data, and by facilitating access to software resources. Students have an opportunity to experience how they will be able to use their skills in a career in the water and environmental sector.  We also support the dissemination and publication of their research.

Each year we also award studentship grants to a small number of students to help towards tuition costs at UK Higher Education Institutions, for MSc and MRes courses. There are more details about the studentship award scheme here.

Poster summaries of some of the MSc projects we have supported are presented below.

Alice Dear, MSc in Sustainability and Consultancy at the University of Leeds, 2019

Delivering sustainable FCERM construction: plastic waste

Zhiqi Hu, MSc in Atmospheric Ocean & Climate at the University of Reading, 2018

Flood Inundation Mapping with Data Assimilation

Jenny Broomby, MSc in Sustainability and Consultancy at the University of Leeds, 2017

Partnerships in Working with Natural Processes schemes in the UK: Identifying factors that impact and shape success


Gary Chan, MSc in Sustainability and Consultancy at the University of Leeds, 2016

Assessing the integration of ecosystem services into decision making for implementing natural flood management measures


Marion Duprez, MEng in Civil Engineering at Newcastle University, 2015

Real time 2D urban flood forecasting: a case study


Nicole Friedrich Neumann, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, 2015

International Case Studies for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

MSc poster-international-case-studies-WSUD-NicoleNeumann

Sarah Usher, MSc in River Basin Dynamics and Management with GIS at the University of Leeds, 2014

Salmonid and macroinvertebrate responses to engineered large wooded debris structures in a low gradient UK upland stream

MSc-poster-salmonid responses to LWD-Sarah Usher

Robert Bertsch, MSc in Hydroinformatics at Newcastle University, 2014

How good are ‘broad-scale’ models of urban flooding?

MSc poster-broad-scale-models-Robert=Berstch

 Janie Haven, MSc in Water and Environmental Management at the University of Bristol, 2013

How well do flood defence models match reality? A Comparison of Actual Fluvial Embankment Flood Defence Performance to RASP Estimated Performance


Jessica Scrimshaw, MSc in Sustainability (Environmental Consultancy and Project Management) the University of Leeds, 2014

A Feasibility Study for the Wetherby Hydropower Project


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