Risk based analysis of small scale, distributed, nature-based flood risk management measures deployed on river networks

As part of the EPSRC funded LWEC (Living with Environmental Change) Network, JBA Trust sponsored an industry challenge to understand the performance of networks of nature-based flood risk management measures.

Over three days, the Environmental Modelling in Industry study group developed network based models of a catchment basin that allows for simple exploration of the effectiveness of different placements and designs of run-off attenuation features (leaky dams).

One of the main conclusions from analysing the scales involved was that a large number of dams are needed to have any significant effect on the peak discharge downstream. The dams should be located in places with the potential to store a large volume of water (in wide reaches of the channel).  Further exploration confirmed that cascade failure is a risk when dams are placed along the main artery and the risk may be lessened by spreading dams around tributaries.

The research is summarised in a poster that was presented at the EGU Conference in Austria, 2018 and a detailed written report is also available.