Sectional hydraulic flume

Our newest flume is built in sections which can be clipped together in different combinations.  It is specifically designed to demonstrate culvert and debris screen hydraulic behaviour.

Different combinations of structures and lengths of channel can be used with varying water flow rates to represent a great variety of situations.  This flume can be extended in one metre increments, from 1m to 5m long.  There are also 10 degree and 30 degree bends which can be included if desired.

Within the channel sections, pipes, arched culverts, service crossings and debris and security screens can be added in any order or combination, to show how they affect flow rates and water levels. The flume can also demonstrate the effect of changes in gradient and flow on water levels, as well as variations in channel roughness.

Find out about our other physical models here, and watch other JBA Trust videos on our YouTube channel.

The sectional flume is based at our Skipton Broughton Park office.  Please email for more information.

Resources: Dimensions, demonstration requirements and other vital statistics for the sectional culvert flume are available on this factsheet.