Flow meter

The Valeport ‘Braystoke’ Model 001 flow meter is an easy to use and reliable method of measuring water velocity in a variety of open channel environments, making it ideal for field study use and hydrometric work.


The portable flow meter and display unit are particularly useful for:

  • education and outreach activities
  • research and monitoring projects
  • flow gauging technique training

Designed for handheld use, the flow meter clamps on to the wading rods which the operator then uses to takes velocity measurements at the required intervals and depths within a watercourse. The display unit can log up to 100 records and data can be downloaded to a PC to allow further analysis.


Factsheet: Dimensions, demonstration requirements and other vital statistics for the flow meter are available on this factsheet.

If the flow meter would be useful for your work with students, professional groups or communities, please contact us for more information.

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