Physical Augmented Relief Model (PARM)

A PARM consists of a 3D printed scale model of a landscape, based on LIDAR data, with a projector that overlays information onto the 3D model.

PARM at EA sqaureIt can show geospatial information, for example flood map outlines based on TUFLOW animations, very accurately and is an excellent way to explore different flood risk scenarios in specific places.

A huge range of information can also be shown, including historical land use, local landmarks, photographs of previous flood events and proposed new flood defences.

In 2017, JBA Consulting worked with the School of Geography at the University of Nottingham to develop a PARM that shows the impact of different rainfall events and flood defence scenarios in Keswick.   The aim is to use the PARM to engage local communities and support decision making for flood defence schemes.

JBA Trust is now carrying out research in partnership with Professor Gary Priestnall at the University of Nottingham as part of an ESRC funded Impact Accelerator project.

The project aims to understand how effective PARM techniques are in communicating both general flood risk concepts and complex catchment specific flood modelling outputs to a non-technical audience.   We hope that our research will provide evidence to support wider uptake of PARM techniques in engagement and outreach activities and enable practitioners to use these resources to raise awareness and optimise leaning outcomes.




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